Monday, June 11, 2007


A re-hash of yesterday's final two panels, but this time I realized that Mary Jane shouting "Honey!" at Spider-Man is probably the worst thing she could be doing for either of them. If anyone hears, it will spell trouble. Mark my words, it will spell trouble.

TIL: It looks like Spider-Man is going to swing right into that palm tree.


that guy said...

So, is that Maria or MJ in the last panel? Argh!

(Yes, I know it's MJ.)

jvwalt said...

Yeah, MJ is kind of blowing the whole secret-identity thing, isn't she? Spidey may not have heard, but I bet is lurking about somewhere. Not to mention Maria Lopez' camera crew.

For two people who are supposedly head over heels in love... not to mention sharing the secret of Spidey's identity... MJ and Peter seem to have virtually no trust in each other. The least little thing will set them off into a month's worth of suspicion and mutual recriminations.

The only good thing that can come of this unpromising storyline is Spidey getting JJ's sloppy seconds. And I doubt that's really going to happen.

Sam99 said...

maybe his mind is on "man, i really have to pee" they've been on this same plot for weeks, i'm sure he has to go