Saturday, June 16, 2007


Spider-Man makes it sound like he wouldn't care if Kordok had killed Dorset and gotten away. Which is not a very healthy attitude to take about super-heroics. It's a good thing Mary Jane is there (how she got back to their apartment and changed into that nightgown thing before Spider-Man web-slinged back is a question we won't dwell upon), otherwise he may call the whole super-hero thing a bust. I think we all know what's going to happen next, so we'll probably cut out for a bit since this is a family strip.

TIL: The third panel. It's as if Stan Lee and Larry Lieber are conceding that the previous storyline sucked and are trying to make amends for it. I'll let you decide if this does the job or not.

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jvwalt said...

If the third panel leads to a full-color Sunday episode of passionate, inventive Spidey-sex, then the creators will have made amends for the vapid storyline. Otherwise, no. (Has anyone actually worn an outfit like MJ's since, oh, the film-noir days?)