Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Maria Lopez: Starting to Grate on Me

06/12/2007:Jonah is looking creepier and creepier as the days progress. Also, is anyone else getting the vibe that Maria is going to keep the tape for herself, since it features her newest crush? Soon, she'll be posting bad poetry on her LiveJournal about how much she loves Spider-Man, and how over Jonah Jameson she is. Maybe some girl talk about her new BFF Dara Dorset.

TIL: The little sign thing on top of Maria's news van made me think it was a pizza delivery truck for a moment.

06/13/2007:Spider-Man should be half-way across the city by now, unless we sort of did a flash-back and yesterday's comic took place while Spider-Man was swinging off to do whatever. Either that, or he's just swinging around the block for no apparent reason. Poor Jonah looks quite weary in the second panel, there. I think all of this excitement took a lot out of the poor guy. I would also like to point out Maria's nose in the third panel. In fact, the third panel in general, which is really making me start to dislike her. More on this as it develops.

TIL: Jonah's impeccable grammar in panel one. Good show, old chap.

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