Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Mundanity Continues

06/19/2007:She's a reporter, Peter. She wouldn't rush home and take a nap when she has an exclusive story to deliver. Though I do have to give credit to the fact that Peter left the television on. Every other time he'd probably be like, "Nah, I'll turn it off anyway" and miss out on something big.

TIL: It's getting increasingly difficult to fill this spot. The newsman looks sort of funny, though.

06/20/2007:How old is Maria Lopez supposed to be, anyway? In some strips she looks to be in her mid-twenties, in today it looks like she's had "work done" and her face is all pinched up. The differences between her different faces is quite evident in the first panel. In the first panel, it also looks like Spider-Man is leering at her chest. Not to mention the fact that Peter has changed into his pajamas and gotten into bed in the space of what was most likely moments, and looks eerily like "Zippy the Pinhead".

TIL: The amount of speed-lines in panel one. They're probably supposed to be reflections off glass, but it's more fun to think they're speed-lines.

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