Sunday, August 24, 2008

Secret Identity, Schmecret Identity.

I had forgotten all about the direct-to-DVD and off-Broadway thing. Weren't those from the Krandis storyline? Back in January through March? I think it is. Also, the pair discussing Peter's secret identity in crowded places is starting to become a real sore point with this strip.

The Next box is somewhat promising. By Wednesday, I predict that any promise it has will be broken and we'll be exposed to three months of shoddiness.

TIL: The art is decent. I also think that restaurant is called Ojimbo's. That's sort of neat.


J Doe said...

Why are those two young ruffians running in panel 4? Looks like trouble, the kind of trouble Spider-Man used to be able to mgically sense and traverse the whole of New York of stop. Now he can't even see it happening right in front of his eyes, let alone reach out to stop them.

Anonymous said...

the secret is that Jonah is BI!!!!!!!!! ...SEXUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!