Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spider-Man and Jonah Jameson: Best Friends Forever?

Why exactly are Jameson and Spider-Man hanging out together? The two are never on the best of terms to begin with, and while I know that Spider-Man just saved Jonah's life, it doesn't seem like the two could get along well enough to stand around spouting exposition or talking about hugs from the Hulk. How much do you want to bet that Mary Jane managed to snap some pictures of the... well, of the Vulture trying to ram Spider-Man off a helicopter, followed by Spider-Man, Jonah, and the Vulture falling slowly towards their doom.

TIL: The Vulture being led away to a police car. It just strikes me as rather absurd, for some reason.


J Doe said...

What does he mean "Where's Peter Parker"? I'd imagine it'd take him some time to get down the building and to find JJ out in the street.

jvwalt said...

If the policemen had any sense -- and we know from past experience that the police in Spider-Man DON'T -- they would have taken off the Vulture's costume before loading him into the backseat of a standard-issue cop car. I mean, shouldn't the Vulture be able to snap off those puny handcuffs, smash the car windows, and fly away?

Oh, I forgot... he's an incredibly lame super-villain.

Bryce Baker said...

I think if you removed all the talking and changed everything in a thought bubble in to dialog instead that Spider-man would be much more entertaining, and probably make sense too.