Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So, what happened was that the phone line got connected all right. It got connected pretty much right away, actually, and considering how the Internet and phone line are part of a package deal, I assumed, "Thank god! Now I can update everything and whatnot!"


I spent the Monday after I moved on the phone with tech support, and the final verdict was that my old modem was busted, and I had to get a new one. No big deal, kind of, so I went out and bought a brand new modem, with wireless and everything, and I brought it home and hooked it up and looked down at its blinking red light, perplexed and rather angry.

"What devilry is this?" I exclaimed, and I spent the better portion of a night trying to figure it out.

Tuesday, I was on the phone again, and someone was sent. By Thursday, I had another message telling me that the problem was fixed and everything was a-ok. Yet the red light still blinked. On the phone again, and it turns out that they sent the person to the old house. Apologies were profuse, and I was assured that the problem would be remedied in a few days...


So I waited. Plans were made to go to a library and at least let everyone know what was going on and putting the blog in the hands of a retainer for a few days, something I remembered several days into this whole fiasco, but every single plan was shot down like one of those "Duck Hunt" ducks: with a light gun held up to the television screen. Actually, just by people being really inconsiderate to my friends and myself. Stymied at every turn, and all that. I did try to put up a post from my cell phone, but it refused to send.

What's important now is that my bit of the Internet is up and running, and now it would seem I've got me some wireless connection. What does this mean for you? I have no idea. I'm just pleased with the wireless.

Anyway, I'll get the backlog of strips up as soon as I can. Right now, I've got twelve minutes, so we'll see what I can get done.


Anonymous said...

No apologies needed; moving is always an - adventure.

I'm not alone in looking forward to more commentary!

J Doe said...

We missed you, Mike! I was just getting ready to take the helm, since I've now found out how to read the strips online. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

Mike Podgor said...

I've got a week of reviews done, and I'll do the rest when I get home later, and tomorrow's will go up alone. Hope you guys (and ladies) enjoy it, when it goes up.

Unknown said...

And the speculation that you're dead draws to a close. I've missed this blog, and CYOB too. Welcome back!

Tommy said...

Just take it easy.

Those kinds of hassles are plain evil, and moving in itself is tough enough already.

I hope you didn't have any other problems with utilities, tv, etc.

Mike Podgor said...

Everything else worked out perfectly fine, amazingly enough. It was just the Internet.

Wait, there was speculation that I'm dead?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you're not? Well, what about it, Zombie Mike?

Mike Podgor said...

If I was a zombie... well, I probably would be roaming the streets spreading creating a zombie pandemic and eating brains.

If I was somehow able to still post, most of them would likely equate to meaningless drivel. At best, they would be me typing "BRAINS" over and over again.

So, suffice to say, I am not a zombie. If I am dead, and somehow did not notice, I would be one of the more sentient undead.