Saturday, August 02, 2008

Metapost: Thing I Liked

For a while, I was doing a little thing called Thing I Liked, or TIL, in which I would choose something I liked from each strip each day. A sort of silver lining to the cloud, if you will. I stopped doing it a while ago (late January, actually) and I forgot to start doing it again. I'd like to do it again, but I'll leave my fate up to you folks. So there's a poll up now, just in in Choose Your Own Blogventure, except instead of choosing what exciting antics happen next, you'll choosing whether or not I do TIL. I'm sort of ashamed that I turned this into a plug for Choose Your Own Blogventure, but seriously, you should be reading that. Please. At least I didn't plug my other two things (PC/MS and Third Attempt!, if you were wondering) so... wait.


Well, vote on whether or not I should do TIL, and then perhaps go look at my other stuff which is all TIL. See what I did there? I've passed some sort of shame threshold. I'm also ranting because it's nearly 5AM and I am tired. So I shall sleep now. Remember to vote and read stuff!


J Doe said...

You wrote all that at five in the morning because of something I said? Well aren't you a sweetheart? I'm glad to have made a difference, even if you think it's small.

Anonymous said...

SWEATHEART???????? No, I'm not gonna do the obvious joke, anyway I noticed that the poles are 6% no & 93% yes. WHAT IS THE LAST 1%!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss TIL, it softened some of the criticism.