Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YOUR Photos?

What do you mean, YOUR Spider-Man/Vulture photos? I realize you have to keep up the ruse to fool Robbie Robertson and Jonah Jameson, but you could have the decency to put "my" in quotes or something. Your photos, INDEED.

TIL: Robbie's blue hair.


J Doe said...

I was going to say I liked his blue hair yesterday, but I thought it might've been a character trait. For all I knew he could've been one of those punk businessmen running around.

jvwalt said...

I have this terrifying vision of what's going on behind JJ's door: He and Maria Lopez are "in conference," "discussing joint ventures." Urk. Urk. Blaaaaaargh.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the photos MJ gave to JJJ were from her and Peter's "personal" collection. I foresee an awkward moment tomorrow.