Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panel of the Week 08/10/2008

As mentioned a few days ago, I'm starting a new thing: the panel of the week. What this is, as you can no doubt already guess, is my favorite panel from each week. I am following some rules for this one:
1) I can only pick one panel from each strip, but not every strip.
2) The panel, therefore, has to work out of context.

What this means, of course, is that up to seven panels each week will be up for this, though we may have less than that, or even just one panel. On with the inaugural edition of Panel of the Week in order from lowest rated to highest rated, using an ultra-secret rating system so secret I'm not even sure what it is:

#5- 08/11/2008As you can see, it's Spider-Man. Except he's upside down with speed-lines and questionable perspective. Mainly the upside down, thing, though. That's what got me.

#4- 08/12/2008Spider-Man is being flippant, which is always good, and I love the sight of Jameson clinging to the top of that building.

#3- 08/10/2008Once again, flippant Spider-Man. The Vulture's pose is really silly, and we see Jameson falling in the foreground with his mouth agape with terror. This is also a sight I treasure.

#2- 08/16/2008This one would have been the winner, it would have, as it features Jameson falling and being a drama queen, speed lines, Jameson upside down (or at least nearly upside down), and questionable perspective. Also, those lines coming out of Jameson's head are really silly. However, this one was not the winner...

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you the first Panel of the Week:

#1- 08/15/2008Spider-Man back-handing the Vulture and talking smack. No one is upside down, and it does not feature Jameson falling, but this panel was such a pleasant surprise that it filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling when I first saw it, and continues to brighten my day.

The panel of the week will take up residence in the top corner, passing that honor from the panel which previously held it for several months to this week's winner. Good show, panels. Good show.

Previous winners will be kept here.


J Doe said...

This is a great idea, although I'm sure once the story settles down again this will just turn into panels of MJ in her nightgown.

Mike Podgor said...

Probably. I expect many weeks will be some poorly drawn guy in a suit, as well.

Mike Podgor said...

Also, I can't imagine a prominent panel of MJ in her nightgown would hurt the site's traffic.

J Doe said...

Hey, I never said I'd be complaining.