Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Snappage

Why is it that, whenever anyone else falls, Spider-Man catches them flawlessly and no harm is done to them at all, yet when Gwen Stacy fell, her neck got snapped? Yes, I know that it was due to the impact or something like that, but honestly, catching Jameson like that would at least give the poor guy whiplash, if not a broken spine and shattered ribs, yet they'll land and Jameson will walk away as fine as can be. I guess the rules of the universe changed for that one crucial moment to allow Gwen Stacy to die, just to mess with Spider-Man. Which actually fits the character, more or less.

TIL: Jameson falling off the building.


J Doe said...

If the Vulture had grabbed Spidey's legs or something before he swung away, Jameson would be dead. Wait a minute, where's MJ? Still watching from the smashed window?

Anonymous said...

You are fucking kidding me -- JJ has an enormous spike to hang on to, but it's not enough? For the kids watching at home -- wrap your arms around the spike and grip your biceps; you won't be moved by anything short of a nuclear attack.

Or hunger maybe, but has JJ really been up there long enough to be having a sugar crash?

Anonymous said...


No, the answer is that JJ is a drama queen and deliberately let go so Spiderman would save him.

jvwalt said...

Whether or not he deliberately let go, JJ is definitely a drama queen. "Save MEEEEE!" Emphasis on the "me."

How many times has Spidey saved JJ, anyhow? It's a cheap gimmick to emphasize JJ's irrationality, and it's been heavily overused. If nothing else, JJ ought to be the laughingstock of the city by now.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, I really enjoyed today's strip. It was worth the whole flu storyline.

Mike Podgor said...

Ever since people starting falling to their deaths, the strip has really picked up.