Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All the Strips Fall into Line

I've made my apologies, now let's do some comicky stuff. Ten days worth of it! With the return of Thing I Liked!

08/04:You know, wouldn't Jameson's arm be yanked out of its socket? He's an old newspaper guy, after all, his joints aren't what they used to be.

TIL: Jameson's pleading in panel two.

08/05:I'm not a man who knows a lot about helicopters, but I do know a bit about Spider-Man, and the man probably weighs under two hundred pounds. Would an extra person of that size have any visible effect on a helicopter?

TIL: Speed lines in panel two. You can't go wrong with speed-lines.

08/06:Flying man with hostage versus helicopter: I think we all know who the winner in that confrontation would be.

It would be us.

TIL: Once again, Jameson's pleading in panel two.

Huh... my local paper started carrying the strip a bit ago, so I've read each of these the day they came out. I must say, though, that when you read them all together like this it does a pretty nifty job with suspense. Perhaps this week is just a fluke, though, as I doubt anything could make the Pestilent Parker bit be interesting.

Still have to wonder why the Vulture is using chemicals instead of his supposedly razor-sharp wings.

TIL: The alternating point of view is pretty keen.

08/08:The Vulture does something many villains never do: learn.

TIL: Tiny Jameson in panel one. I know it's perspective, but it's still rather silly to see.

That is one cruddy anti-gravity device if you can clog it just with webbing. At the high altitude the Vulture operates at, you would think that frost would sort of build up a bit, and he'd compensate for this somehow. This would also take care of the thin veneer of webbing Spider-Man is putting on there.

TIL: Panel two is funny, I think.

08/10:I like how this makes Spider-Man out to be the world's biggest jerk. "Oh, so I can only save one of you? Nah, not choosing. See you later!"

TIL: Jameson in the final panel.

08/11:Now, Spider-Man is being a bit less of a jerk by only letting the super-criminal die. While I could argue that we both know he won't, I remember when the Scorpion was in the strip and Spider-Man sort of let him drown. Will we have a repeat of passive homicide?

TIL: Jameson continues to be a highlight of this falling adventure.

Jameson shouldn't be so surprised: Spider-Man has saved him hundreds of times before.

TIL: Jameson clinging to the top of that building. Magnificent.

Huh. Sort of underwhelming, really.

TIL: Speed lines, and the fact that the Vulture looks like he's clawing at the air.


Tommy said...

Heh, that's one crappy suit the Vulture has on. I bet Adrian Toomes is laughing, cause otherwise, he'd probably beat Blackie up himself.

And Spidey should weigh about 165 lbs. if I remember his stats right.

Anonymous said...

On the 08/09 strip, my favorite bit is the Vulture's dialogue in the second panel: "Now we'll all fall!"

Pretty clearly, the Vulture's intent was for Spidey to fall, and I can't imagine the Vulture is all that invested in whether or not Jameson lives or dies. So, his rebuke of spiderman here seems pretty silly.

Neil J Murphy said...

I think it was very interesting that Jameson managed to change into a red suit for Sunday's strip and then back into the blue one he's been wearing all month