Sunday, August 24, 2008

Panel of the Week 08/17/2008

Once again, we have five panels, and it was a little bit harder than last week. Then again, last week involved Spider-Man, Jonah Jameson, and the Vulture falling through the air and back-handing each other. That would be like anything else popping up when we got that panel where Spider-Man told the Persuader he's not an elephant. Well, here we go:

#5 - 08/17/2008Spider-Man's dialogue is a nice bit, and the Vulture splayed on the ground like that is sort of funny, I guess. Still, it doesn't pack that certain oomph I'm looking for.

#4 - 08/22/2008In context, this panel is pretty shoddy. Out of context, however, it manages to shine because you have no idea what Mary Jane took, and why she's whispering to Spider-Man about it. Spider-Man also looks mildly confused, as confused as a masked man can look.

#3 - 08/20/2008I just like the Vulture being shoved into a police car in full costume and hand-cuffed. There is no way that should really work in any way.

#2 - 08/21/2008

I also just noticed that it doesn't exactly look like Jameson's seemingly mobile head is looking at the camera. I realize that the perspective is out of whack, but still... eyes up, Jonah.

#1 - 08/18/2008A good out of context panel should be a little funny, and it should lend itself nicely to wild speculation on what's actually happening: "Spider-Man and Jameson walked through the ethereal city, both confused as anything when the helicopter came." The only reason this beat out this week's #4 is because I found this one funny the first day I read it.

Which is not to say humor is the only quality that's looked for in a Panel of the Week. Perhaps next week we'll get one that's just nice for different reasons.

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J Doe said...

Wow, that was a quick week. If it wasn't for entertainment in the media, I wouldn't know when one day ended and the next started.