Friday, February 09, 2007

Identity: Confirmed?

A few years ago in the strip, a guy rigged up suction cups he could use to climb on walls like Spider-Man. Likewise, Mysterio managed to duplicate all of Spider-Man's wall-climbing skills in his first appearance. So this really shouldn't be enough to sway the security guard to let Spider-Man enter the building. Then again, I don't really expect the guy to really care all that much. If anything happens, it'll be blamed on Spider-Man.


Mike Podgor said...

I was going to put this in the main post, but considering how a lot of people who read the comic strip may be unfamiliar with the comic books, I decided to put it here instead.

I can see why Spider-Man would initially decide to be pro-superhero registration in the" Civil War" crossover being done in the comic books: he'd finally have a chance to cash all those checks he's been written for television appearances and whatnot, as he would now have some official identification showing that he's Spider-Man.

Anonymous said...

In almost 20 years of being a Spider-man fan, it has just now occured to me: Couldn't he have asked the TV stations, etc. to make checks out to Cash?