Saturday, February 03, 2007

100th Comic Post

Well, if you discount all the metaposts, this is the hundredth post! It looks like Spider-Man is going to be on television. Chances are Jonah will bust in during the interview and start ranting about how much of a menace Spider-Man is, or Kurt Kordok will realize that this would be the perfect time to strike. In short, Spider-Man's spider-sense should be tingling right now because there's no way he's getting out of this unscathed.


jvwalt said...

Another hazard his Spidey Sense is failing to detect: Maria Lopez' womanly wiles. After her brief, and I'm sure unsatisfying, flirtation with Flattop, she's probably hankerin' for a little proportionate-strength-of-a-spider action. And with MJ off in the desert, well, even a superhero has needs, y'know.

(I sometimes wonder how someone with super-strength, er, controls him/herself when being, ahem, intimate with a mere human. S/he could do some serious damage while in the throes of passion. Ahem.)

Mike Podgor said...

Maybe their partner does all the work?