Saturday, February 24, 2007


I said the following on Wednesday:
"Kurt Kordok is going to see the Dara Dorset interview, then he'll send his men to kidnap the supposed wife of Spider-Man in order to draw the web-slinger out and finish him."
It's nice to be vindicated once in a while. I would also like to note that... well, Peter used to think things through. He's a scientist, after all, designing his web-shooters and whatnot. At some point over the past decade or though, however, he's become more and more idiotic and rash. It could come from the stress of juggling a double identity, constantly getting punched in the head, or even the impossible standards he once held himself to. I feel kind of sorry for the guy, but it's pretty much his own fault.

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J.V. Walt said...

Yeah, I think Spidey is showing distinct signs of post-concussion syndrome. Anxiety, mood swings, impaired thought processes, decreased social skills, etc.

As for Kurt Kordoc's master plan... hey, let him kidnap Dara Dorset and try to sweat the truth out of her. No skin off Spidey's back. Unless she really IS married to him; has he suffered any blackouts lately?