Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Coloring

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to feast your eyes on the Sunday strip. The weekday strips are made in black and white, and colored seemingly at a whim by those referred to as "coloring drones". It's really a mercy that Spider-Man keeps his familiar red and blue costume during the week. On Sundays, however, it's a different story. On Sundays, the coloring is more official and in most cases is the definitive coloring for the characters. (Case in point: the coloring drones color Charlie Brown's shirt red during the week. What sort of nonsense is that?) Where I'm going with this is that Kurt Kordok is wearing the same colors as the Kingpin.

Also, I liked last week's "NEXT" blurb infinitely more than this week's. Then again, how can you top "Too Many Wives?"

1 comment:

J.V. Walt said...

"...But if you tied the knot when he was in his normal identity, how come he's wearing his Spider-Man costume in your wedding portrait?"

See, that's what JJ would have asked if he was an actual journalist.