Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Misplaced Optimism

THIS WEEK ON SPIDER-MAN: The sinister Kurt Kordok makes threats at a television! Will he smash it, as Spider-Man villains usually do? Also, Dara Dorset's optimism is sorely misplaced. The people who would mess with you are the same people who would mess with Spider-Man. People with metallic tentacles, scorpion tails, and who are generally more than human beings can handle. With the exception of the Chameleon, any villain could tear you apart, Miss Dorset. Seeing as how the Chameleon was taken down on two separate occasions by Mary Jane and Aunt May (getting into the comic book here), you might be able to take him down. Kurt Kordok is not the Chameleon, however.

I really hope that gun discharges and breaks the television. That would make everyone so much better.


J.V. Walt said...

Another question our Pulitzer Prize reporter/editor/air personality isn't asking...

"If you're really Spider-Man's wife, why are you revealing yourself to me -- the guy who's been out to get him from day one? Why would you have anything to do with me, or do anything to help establish my television career?"

Sorry, expecting logic again.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book series when they had Kraven the Hunter appear and blab about how he was going to take out Spidey, and when they finally met, Spider-Man knocked him out with one punch. In comparison, I can't imagine the fight between Spidey and Kurt being tremendously memorable, UNLESS it's the Kingpin, but why would he disguise himself this way? Here's hoping there's some dramatic twist, like Kurt is actually some real movie star in disguise instead.

Mike Podgor said...

In any other Spider-Man continuity, I would expect the Kingpin to slowly work his way back up the New York crime ladder until he was once again the Kingpin, at which point he would start carrying out a plot of terrible vengeance against those who knocked him from his seat of power.

Since this is the Spider-Man comic strip, however, I think Kingpin thought it would best to lay low for a while and disguise himself as Kurt Kordok. I'm going to be really disappointed if this isn't the case.