Friday, February 23, 2007

Doctored Photos

It might not even be doctored. Dara Dorset might have just had a guy dress up like Spider-Man for the picture. If it was doctored, however, then it would be pretty easy to disprove it. Just go along with Miss Dorset until she takes you back to her apartment, then hop on her computer and find the undoctored photos. How do I know she'll have a computer with the untouched photos on it? They always have the computer.


jvwalt said...

Considering that Spidey is supposedly trying to conceal his secret identity... and that he happens to be 3,000 miles away from home AT THE SAME EXACT TIME as his alter ego and wife, which ought to produce a secret-identity crisis of the first order... this Dara Dorset thing should actually be a gift from the gods. As long as Dara claims to be Spider-Man's wife, nobody is going to suspect that Spidey is Peter Parker. And MJ would certainly not be stupid enough to believe Dara's story.

Oh, sorry, I'm expecting logic again. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

I have a few thoughts myself.
1. Why would Spidey get married while wearing his costume? You couldn't sign "Spider-Man" on a marriage licence legally in the state of California anyway, plus I'm sure somebody at the vital records office for the state would sell their story to the highest bidder if Spidey did file a marriage certificate.
2. I know Peter has great strength, but his standing horizontally on the wall in the last panel defies the law of gravity.
3. Kudos to the colorers of the strip for keeping Jameson's blue suit and striped tie motif consistent this week. I look forward to the brown suit and blue tie returning this weekend.