Thursday, February 01, 2007


How on Earth did they not notice their car coming off its axle and sliding onto the pavement? Surely one of them would have felt the sudden jolt, and looked out the window to see what happened. How did Spider-Man pull this off, anyway? While his webbing is purportedly quite strong, it probably wouldn't survive something like the situation above. In any case, all those men should at least have whiplash, if not broken necks. Hopefully tomorrow's strip will less... well, less stupid.


Anonymous said...

well remember Spider-Man 2 The Movie... he stopped a speeding train with his webbing... so it's not impossible to stop that small car

jvwalt said...

The laws of physics are routinely flouted in superhero comics, but this is a particularly egregious example -- especially since the only purpose is to set up a really lame joke. Just think what an exciting visual it could have been, if Spidey's web had brought the car to a screeching halt, the baddies (not wearing seat belts!) smashing into the windshield, Spidey holding on for dear life (or being flung from the car, doing a triple somersault, and sticking the landing). Yep, some compelling visuals to spice up this sad excuse for a storyline.

Oh, I forgot... then the artist would have had to DRAW the action in a compelling way. Better to completely skip the moment of truth, and just draw a couple panels of characters talking. That way he can get out of the studio and make his tee time.