Friday, February 02, 2007

The Land Captain

Spider-Man has a new ally in the war against crime: The Land Captain! Dressed like a rich guy with a yacht, the Land Captain patrols the streets of Los Angeles looking for perps! Spider-Man obviously wants to befriend this fellow costumed crusader, as right off the bat he tells the Land Captain that his friends call him Spidey. He also boosts the good Captain's confidence in the second panel. Maria Lopez is not interested in the poor neglected Land Captain, however: she has eyes only for Spidey.

I don't suppose we'll ever see the Land Captain again, but one can hold out hope. Godspeed, Land Captain!


Anonymous said...

It's funny, but out of this whole storyline the Land Captain has suddenly become my favourite character.
I don't look forward to the next few weeks, as what should be a two-second battle with Spidey punching out Kurt Kordok will be stretched out for days. There is promise though if the camera man in today's strip is Peter's long lost evil twin brother.

Mike Podgor said...

Maybe the camera man is Eddie Brock and will turn into Venom or something.