Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spider-Man's Gal-Pal, Mary Jane!

I was giving it some thought, Spider-Buddies, and decided that Mary Jane isn't just Spider-Man's pal, but sort of his girlfriend as well! She's Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane rolled into one package! Enough about that, though. It's good that Peter did put a button on that bracelet (I was a bit worried he had forgotten, living the life of a high-strung hero and all). Now, I just hope that Mary Jane's job offer doesn't go against her contract. Unless her contract has some sort of weird loophole that states she can't try out for parts, but can accept parts offered to her. That would be one zany contract.


Anonymous said...

According to comic law section 5, subsection 2, line 3B, any comic book character with a signal device of any sort shall inevitably turn against the one who has given said device, usually by transforming into a mindless creature of some sort. And judging by some of the weak plotlines in the SM strip, I totally would not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Just because MJ said she has a job offer, doesnt mean it's an acting job. I doubt her Marvella contract would prevent her from getting her job at the computer store back, for instance.