Thursday, December 20, 2007

Favorite Character Poll: Round Three COMPLETE (Round Four imminent!)

Somehow the Shocker won the previous poll, edging out Doctor Octopus by two votes. Simon Krandis nabbed a vote (no doubt utilizing the Persuader to get it) and Kurt Kordok, who is famously not the Kingpin, came out of it with nothing. Serves you right, Kordok. Our next post features the various henchmen, including the comedy duo Lug and Angel:
-Lug and Angel
-The Persuader

Poll ends on Sunday, hopefully!


Anonymous said...

I gave Krandis his lone vote because he knows what (The Bugle) and who (MJ) he wants.

Jen Von said...

if I start a rock band, I will call it Lug and Angel. Hence my vote for them.