Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Peter Parker on the Web

12/18:If I had a fancy spider-sense like Peter, it'd be going off right now because Jameson never compliments anyone without an ulterior motive. Watch out, Peter!

12/19:I don't think Peter's going to find much "dirt" on Krandis on the Internet, Spider-Buddies. Unless he's going to go after Krandis' Wikipedia entry and become embroiled in a minor web-battle with the Persuader, both editing the entry moments after the other. Maybe Spider-Man is going to start doing battle exclusively on the "web"!


Natalie said...

Hey, maybe Peter will find this blog! Of course, he didn't find it the last time he looked up Simon Krandis but who knows?

I wish we could see Spider-Man actually doing something interesting for once.

vooodooo84 said...

ha foolish natalie when will you learn to give up your dreams, Spider-man never does anything interesting and never will

Dave said...

As the editor in chief of a large metropolitan newspaper, wouldn't triple-J know some, gosh, investigative reporters? Hasn't Ben Urich appeared in this strip before? Like six or seven years ago, or two days of "Strip time"?