Monday, December 03, 2007

Loretta the Slave-Woman Returns

I was looking at today's strip, Spider-Buddies, and was taken off-guard by that blond woman! My, but is she easy on the eyes! However, my keen superhero instincts grabbed my brain and said, "There's something fishy going on here, Land Captain." So I jumped back to when Mary Jane was filming her movie, and I discovered my instincts hadn't steered me wrong. If my eyes don't deceive me, that woman is none other than Mary Jane's servant, Loretta the Slave-Woman! What nefarious plot does this woman have, and what does she have against the happy union of Mary Jane and Peter Parker? She'll bear a close watching, and I guess it falls to me to watch her being a superhero and all.

Oh, and Simon Krandis should put on a shirt. No one wants to see a shirtless flabby old man, I think, and it's a sight to turn even the strongest of stomachs.


that guy said...

Good job so far, Mr. Captain!
What I found odd is that Krandis is referring to Mary Jane as MJ already, like they're old pals or something. And speaking of Mary Jane, she may be right, perhaps the Persuader isn't so bad. Krandis seems to want MJ regardless of her marriage, but the last panel today suggests that though the Persuader wants MJ for himself, he is respecting the fact she is married and is willing to wait his turn on the odd chance that Peter and MJ will someday split. Perhaps he has an honourable side after all, and can join up with you as your sidekick who can "persuade" people to turn their lives around for the better.

vooodooo84 said...

The thing i find odd is that there is continuity between The Persuader's coloring in the weekday and sunday strips. Is it a part of his persona that his over-sized suit be green?