Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Lazy

Hooray for you, Mary Jane! You'll get to brush up on your acting chops and not break your contract! Everyone is happy! Except for Peter. Chin up, Peter, you're hardly ever home anyway with your web-slinging super-heroics and all. At least, you shouldn't be at home... Peter, have you caught the lazy?


that guy said...

Any count on how many "mopey Peter" strips there have been in the last year?

jvwalt said...

WTF does Peter expect when he (a) marrries an actress, and (b) effectively has two full-time jobs, photographer and superhero? She's supposed to sit there in her bathrobe 24/7, waiting for him to swing in through the window and click on the TV?

In fact, a part in a play would be perfect: they'd both be working at night, they'd both fall into bed exhausted at 3 a.m., and they'd wake up all frisky around noon. What's not to like?

vooodooo84 said...

jvwalt, that would be pretty hot we would get treated to lots and lots of cuts to lonely MJ looking hot as only horny old lieber can draw. but if it was the second graf that ruled we wouldn't get any pictures at all, damn family comics