Monday, December 10, 2007

December is the Pits

I'm not one to complain about my lot in life, but December really is the pits for super-heroes, at least those of us in the north-eastern United States. It's cold, it's snowy, and every other week we have to help save Hanukkah or Christmas. Over the weekend, some madman decided to end Hanukkah early- and maybe forever! A concerned rabbi got in touch with me, though, and everything worked out in the end. Which is why I didn't comment on the weekend strips. Boy howdy, but I'm not looking forward to the few days before Christmas. In any case, here's your strips:

I'm not entirely sure I like Peter's attitude here. He used to be such a pro-active hero, and now my buddy is just going to sit around and sulk? Maybe I should go pay him a visit and give him a talking-to about super-heroics...

Ah, it's good to see Peter is doing more than sitting around and sulking! He's out getting things done. Good job, Spider-Man! You and Jameson can lick this problem together!

That's one strong window if it can support a full-grown man without falling down. I tried this once and wound up in a back brace for a month. Though maybe it's only staying up because ol' Spider-Man is just using is as leverage, and those are some physics you can take to the bank.

That's it for today's update, Spider-Buddies! I'm going to take a nice long soak in the tub, followed by a good night's sleep. Saving Hanukkah takes a lot out of a guy!

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Anonymous said...

But who's going to save Kwanzaa?