Wednesday, December 05, 2007

POLL: Favorite Character, Actually

I'm taking a break from my hiatus to tell you that we'll just hold a favorite character overall poll. With one exception, we'll include all the characters who have appeared more than once in the lifetime of this blog. The brackets will be as follows: (Maybe I'll put together a nifty image at some point)

Spider-Man and his Amazing Wives
-Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man
-Mary Jane Watson-Parker
-Dara Dorset

The Media
-Jonah Jameson
-Maria Lopez
-Robbie Robertson

Main Villians
-Doctor Octopus
-Kurt Kordok
-Simon Krandis

Other Ne'er Do Wells
-Lug and Angel
-The Persuader

Blog Personalities
-Land Captain
-Loretta the Slave-Woman
-King of the Newspaper Jockies

Each poll will stay up for four days, meaning that the first one will come down on Saturday night, with a new one going up on Sunday and they'll keep going on like that for a while. The final poll, with each of the five winners, will go up... at the beginning of 2008, it looks like. Happy voting.


Anonymous said...

Favorite one is Weasel!!! Charming Guy :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for Maria Lopez as my favourite. He was the funniest and coolest dude on Saved by the Bell, by far.

Anonymous said...

Lug and angel, Lug's ugliness is balanced by his grace and wisdom, angel's vanity offsets his stupidity