Wednesday, December 05, 2007

POLL: Favorite Incidental Character

Well, it looks like six of you have read this "green circle" thing and five of you haven't. That's neat, I guess. What's a green circle, anyway?

Since Mike P has left this Blog in my hands, I get to do a poll or two! Let's have a bit of a tournament, shall we? Who's your favorite incidental character from this strip? Including yours truly, of course, but don't let that sway your voting! Incidental being a relative term, of course, so we can include our pal Weasel! In fact, why just not make it favorite character who hasn't appeared in any other Spider-Man medium (comic books, movies, novels) and make this an event? Here we go!

1) Land Captain
2) Loretta the Slave-Woman
3) King of the Newspaper Jockies
4) Weasel (what a guy!)
5) Dara Dorset
6) Kurt Kordok
7) Lug and Angel (the gruesome twosome!)
8) Maria Lopez
9) Simon Krandis
10) The Persuader

Voting closes on Friday, Spider-Buddies!


that guy said...

I vote for Maria Lopez as my favourite. He was the funniest and coolest dude on Saved by the Bell, by far.

vooodooo84 said...

Lug and Angel, well Lug mostly

Sara said...

Land Captain, because you have your own blog