Sunday, December 09, 2007

Favorite Character Poll: Round One COMPLETE (Round Two imminent!)

In the battle between Spider-Man and two women who claim to be his wives, Spider-Man won with half the votes (eleven of them!) with his actual wife in second place with nine votes. Dara Dorset managed to get two votes as well, probably because she's done with.

Our next poll concerns Spider-Man's erstwhile supporting cast, the Media!
-Jonah Jameson
-Robbie Robertson
-Maria Lopez

Who will win? The tiger, the shark, or... Robbie Robertson? Poll ends on Wednesday, with a new one going up Thursday.


michael said...

Robbie Robertson!!! Definitly Robbie

that guy said...

Robbie. Jonah is simply dull any annoying. Here's hoping this latest plotline involving the Bugle pumps some life into his character.