Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yikes! It would seem that Jonah and Robbie have tied! Therefore, Maria will be dropped and the poll will be restarted, ending on Saturday. Will we have a winner? I certainly hope so.


Kaitlyn said...


He's a horrible person, but a great character.

It's the reason I love(d) Cotton Hill on King of the Hill.

Robbie - I've only seen him a couple times and he just sticks up for Spider-Man, blah blah blah and doesn't fall in love on a whim.

Good people are great in real life, but in fiction, you want the crazies, like JJJ.

vooodooo84 said...

Robbie fought Tombstone in the 90s cartoon, he was badass

michael said...

That's true... the Robbie & Tombstone in the prison story back in the days was really nice! So go Robbie go!!!