Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Week in Review

Today is basically a recap of the previous week of strips. What sort of nonsense is that? The bad sort, that's what kind!

Ah, and unless Jameson is being sarcastic, he is putting way too much stock in Peter's photos here. My goodness.


jvwalt said...

Y'know, there is no way in hell that Stan Lee would allow this kind of inane, meandering, nonsensical plotting in the comic books. The newspaper strip is obviously a stepchild that nobody at Marvel gives a damn about.

This is the reason that the serial comic strip is a vanishing breed, and that serials routinely finish in the bottom of reader polls: they're just not any good. They're fun to criticize in snarky blogs, but that's about all. And it's a shame, because it really is possible to create a compelling serial strip. Happens all the time in other countries -- but not in America.

(It's also a huge missed opportunity for Marvel. Millions of kids first see Spider-Man in the newspapers. Does this strip give them any incentive at all to become fans and buyers of the original?

Anonymous said...

When Pete said "Mr. J" it reminded me of that clown girl who's with Joker from batman. Why wont anyone email stan lee if his comics are so bad!?!?!? ;\

Smirking right now
Not-John AKA MegamanPDA (

A Pony Farce said...

@ Anonymous-
That'd be Harley Quinn.
[/pointless anal correction]

J Doe said...

I hope Jonah didn't put the phone down before he said that and MJ heard it. She loves money, they could be running the Bugle if they hold out long enough.