Friday, July 25, 2008

Too Soon to Tell

It's still too soon to tell how long Peter is going to spend trying to get a better shot. However, it's pretty odd that Jameson wouldn't let Peter, who is a somewhat professional freelance photographer, go do his job. The very job that Jameson brought him to the Chrysler building to do. Also, what's with the solid gold file cabinet in the second panel? In fact, what's with Jameson's pose? What an odd second panel.


jvwalt said...

This was predictable. Yet another fakey conflict to pad out a thoroughly blah storyline. Of course, JJJ should be letting Peter go up on the roof. he should be ORDERING Peter to go. And at the very least, he should let Peter get close to the window, instead of snapping pictures over JJ and MJ's shoulders. Yeah, that'll make some compelling photography.

So instead of actual superhero adventures, we've traded the MJ-detaining-Peter angle for the equally compelling JJ-detaining-Peter angle. Stan Lee can apparently get away with this crap because he's a living legend. If some other Marvel writer came up with this kind of storyline, he'd be out on his ear.

Anonymous said...

That is fear on JJJ's face. Pure, unadulterated fear. He sounds bold, but he clearly isn't. The way he grabs -- grabs? grasps -- Peter's jacket, it's clear that he needs Peter to bolster his own courage. How ironic (I think)!

J Doe said...

Keep snapping what? The readers of the Bugle have seen the Vulture flying around before. Peter should at least wait until Spider-Man shows up before taking photos.

Anonymous said...

This is all set up for a WAY more interesting storyline:
"Triple Jay & Pete are Super Gay & sweet."
I mean cum on!!! (LOLZ) "Mr. J" Who does Peter think he is? Harley Quinn talking to Joker?