Saturday, July 12, 2008


So I was reading some Spider-Man comics earlier, and one had the Vulture in it. The Adrian Toomes Vulture, though. The good Vulture. It was mainly a cameo, but do you know what he was doing?

Holding up some sort of roof-top restaurant with a gun.

Of course, in the comic, the Human Torch showed up and showed the Vulture a thing or two (it was from the Spider-Man/Human Torch mini-series) by burning off his wings, and boy was Spider-Man embarrassed.

This was really jut a roundabout way of filling up a post about a strip which is going in circles. I can only assume that, since Maria has taken up the role of Spider-bashing, then Jonah is going to come up with a talk show and beg for Spider-Man to be on it. At some point, Spider-Man will fight the Vulture inconclusively, then appear on Jameson's talk show. Then he'll come home and collapse. While Spider-Man is bed-ridden again, Mary Jane will force him to stay in bed forever and ever until he's feeling better and the Vulture will pull off another low-level crime.

I think Stan Lee has gotten sick of the strip, and is just going to keep on going in this loop for years and years. I'll keep this Blog going, though, but expect me to eventually start calling it in and putting up blog posts which are so generic and unmemorable that you'll eventually stop reading this. Stay tuned, folks!


J Doe said...

Does Maria have her own channel? Why is she the only show on all the time, day or night? And what does she do when she's not talking about Spider-Man? He can't be all she talks about because he doesn't do anything.

jvwalt said...

Maria's is the only TV show, JJ's is the only newspaper, there are two security guards in the whole city and they're completely incompetent. As far as we can tell, there isn't a police force -- the city is entirely dependent on Spider-Man to solve minor crimes.

And again... Spider-Man is a superhero with a long track record of doing good and saving the city. Why does he give a rat's ass what Maria or JJ think of him? Why is this a crisis???

Anonymous said...

If Peter wants to watch some TV and not think about the Vulture, why doesn't he go to some other channel...I'm sure Nickelodeon isn't blathering about the Vulture and Spider-man.

Aaron T. said...

But on Nickelodeon he might catch Dora the Explorer: "The Vulture is very bad! ¡El Buitre es muy malo!"

Reggie White Jr. said...

"I'm sick of the Vulture. Let's turn on the TV, which will more than likely have something about the Vulture on, making me feel like even more of a sissy." Great idea, Pete!