Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Promises

Spider-Man has made no promises to capture anyone tomorrow. He just said it wouldn't happen tonight. People are jumping to conclusions all over the place with this. Also, Mary Jane's line would have made more sense if she had said Vulture instead of flu, because there's really no sign that the flu is anything other than a minor annoyance for him at this point.


jvwalt said...

Even if Spidey made such a promise -- which he DIDN'T -- what are the potential consequences for failure to fulfill it? Breach-of-promise lawsuit in Superhero Court? Another (gasp) critical editorial in the Bugle? Why does Spider-Man give a rat's ass what some Liza Minnelli lookalike expects him to do? He's a superhero, dammit!

And, of course, why does MJ care so much? Considering that MJ and Peter are supposed to be this sterling exemplar of Young Love, they sure do get into a lot of tiffs for the stupidest reasons. A real-life couple with this level of mistrust would have gotten divorced long ago.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for July 4, we'll get a strip where MJ stabs Peter to death. Happy birthday, America!