Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Spider-Man Screws Himself Over

1) Spider-Man admits he's just going to go home and sleep after the show.
2) Spider-Man realizes he just told every criminal in town that tonight was going to be free of Spider-Man
3) The Vulture also realizes this, and further realizes that if Spider-Man is too tired to fight crime, then he is easy pickings.

Spider-Man just totally screwed himself over, folks.


jvwalt said...

I hate to say it, but Spidey and Vulture are a good match for each other. Their lives are consumed by pettiness and trivia, they're stupid as all hell, and they get all their information by watching TV!

If Stan Lee still had his A-game, he would be absolutely disgusted by the sight of a super-villain sitting through a TV interview gnashing his teeth at the superhero. This is just sad.

Anonymous said...

So far, this long-awaited interview has consisted of one non-answer to a question, a lot of dead air, a second cryptic non-answer that caused the host to pronounce punctuation, and Spidey saying something incredibly dumb. All with his back to the cameras, as the final panel shows. At one point, Maria Lopez even turns her back to the camera to awkwardly hug him.

I think the committee that awards the Pulitzer can give this one a miss.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Dude...the Vulture watches TV in his costume? What? Why? Does he have to fly across the room for a remote or a beer or something?

Mike Podgor said...

Maybe he's just lazy.

"Eh, gonna rob a flying bank later. Might as well not take the costume off."

It's like contact lenses or something.

jvwalt said...

I suspect the Vulture has "furry" tendencies -- he, ahem, gets off on wearing the costume.

Come to think of it, Peter Parker spends a lot of time prancing around the apartment in his Spidey-skivvies, so there's another thing he shares with Vulture.

Aaron T. said...

The bizarre angles and disjointed dialogue of the last few days have induced flu-like symptoms in me, too. Kudos to Stan Lee and his brother, Larry Lieber, for making me empathize with their main character so.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Permission to ride the Screwed Train, here's your "screwed card," Spidey.