Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fast Recovery

Yes, we know Peter hit his head. He seems to have recovered quickly compared to most previous incidents (including the bit during the Dara Dorset storyline, where he spent a week being woozy). The image of the Vulture carrying off Jonah Jameson is pretty funny, though. I like that.


Aaron T. said...

Does the Vulture's suit give him super-strength? Because he'd need it to be able to hold up Jameson like that. Vulchy's arm is straight out to the side, despite having 185 pounds of newspaper editor hanging off of it! Does his flying suit compensate for being so wildly off-balance?

J Doe said...

What a happy ending.

Neil J Murphy said...

MaryJane: "He just flew off with Jonah Jameson"

Peter: "Good. Let's go home."

Bryce Baker said...

if you cut out the image of Vulture and Jonnah with the headline "Come See New York" it would sell like hotcakes.

Tommy said...

I think the suit is supposed to have a power pack built into the back to increase strength.

Adrian Toomes pushes it to the limit in the Funeral Arrangements storyline (Spec 186 - 188, I believe).

I think the suit also causes cancer though... <<