Saturday, July 26, 2008

Violent Jameson

He could have also said that, since the battle would most likely be fast-paced and filled with movement, then a room with windows only on one side of it would not be the best place to take pictures of it. Since that's true. After all, I'm sure that the Vulture wouldn't be considerate enough to keep the battle in view of that window. Besides, won't Peter be getting glare in every picture since he's taking them through glass?

I do like how Jameson is getting violent against Peter. That's pretty fun. I hope it continues.

I'm still confused about that solid gold filing cabinet, by the way, but am beginning to hope it's in every strip from now on.


J Doe said...

Why is MJ just smiling at it? Petey almost let his secret slip.

Also, my captcha's krymllad which is kind of like crime lad, so that's cool.

jvwalt said...

After being married to a superhero for years... having him disappear at all hours of the day and night... having to pay all the bills because his only income is as a freelance photographer... and repeatedly getting injured whenever her super-strong husband has a restless night dreaming of fighting a super-villain... MJ loves to see her Petey on the bad end of a beatdown for once.

I say it's perfectly understandable.