Sunday, July 13, 2008

Challenge of the Clowns

I like the last two panels. The Vulture's pose in the center bottom panel is priceless. The final panel pretty much promises that this is the last part of the storyline, as well, which is a double-edged sword. Peter will be free of his flu, but we'll have to put up with some random no-name gangster once the Vulture is back in prison.

I thought the NEXT box said "The Challenge of the Clowns" at first. It does not, though some may argue that my misread is accurate.


J Doe said...

Sunday comics are always weird to me. It's like they take Saturday and Monday's strips and put them together so you get to read it twice and it takes three days to do what you could in one.

Unknown said...

"It does not, though some may argue that my misread is accurate."

I'd argue it isn't, if only because you read "clowns," plural. Since Spider-Man is the challenge-ee, we'd need multiple clowns to challenge him.

The Vulture's crazy, but not crazy enough to count for multiple people. Maybe we'll get lucky and see Maria Lopez take on Spider and lose, hopefully in a way that results in permanent and irreversible removal from the strip.

Mike Podgor said...

I was thinking of it in a "Clash of the Titans" sense, where the challenge is the two clowns battling.

Tommy said...

And you can add in the Star Trek battle music too!

It was used in Cable Guy as well.

Yes, that one!

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Mary Jane's plaid hair is awesome.

Sol (Frederick) Badguy said...

It happens everytime:
A villain says this hero will face me for the last time saying he will demise the hero, but the hero captures the villain (or the villain dies) and the villain says: "Next time you won't be so damn lucky.".

Don't the writers ever get tired of those two lines?

Jameson is the best: "Your in cahoots with the villain Arachnid-Man, I know it". Or he calls Spider-Man that villain. Seriously Jameson, wise up; who would trust to cooperate with someone who always doublecrosses his crime partners?

I think Stan sure is getting tired of the strip, maybe that's why he decided to create new superheroes?