Thursday, July 24, 2008


I don't care who's saying something in the second panel, but none of them should be excited about the freaking Vulture. One is Spider-Man, for god's sake, and the other two regularly interact with Spider-Man and his rogues. Besides, they knew the Vulture was coming. In any case, Peter will most likely cut out to "get a better shot" pretty soon, and then he'll fight Spider-Man.

If we're bizarro-lucky, we'll get two weeks of Peter attempting to get out of there so he can fight the Vulture. I'm hoping this is not the case.


J Doe said...

If I was Peter, when I eventually got to fight the Vulture, I'd make him chase me a couple of blocks, just to annoy Jameson. Who's got front row seats now?

jvwalt said...

The Bugle is hanging by a thread, completely dependent on a good cover photo for its survival, and JJJ is springing for a suite? Priorities, man! Especially since the last time you saw Peter, you stiffed him for his Vulture pics.

And Peter doesn't even have to go a couple of blocks to screw Jonah. He just has to carry the fight to the OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nice planning, JJJ. The much-hyped confrontation is supposed to be ON TOP OF THE BUILDING YOU'RE IN NOW. Which means that, even if they do things exactly where the Vulture said, you're only going to get occasional awkward angles of part of the action.

Jesus. There'll be better cameraphone shots of this posted on Flickr within 10 minutes than Peter could get from there. But hey, ooh, triangular windows!

Bryce Baker said...

little did we know this storyline will end tomorrow after the police use their net gun to trap and then arrest the Vulture. I mean he told them when and where he was going to be, it's not like they'd just ignore that right?

Charles Jurries said...

In real life, they would be ready with DOUBLE FORCE, especially after seeing Spider-Man act like a sick person and/or a drunken fool on Maria Lopez. If there was a chance he was weaker, I would make sure there are more men and more traps and gizmos, to capture both Spider-Man and the Vulture.

But in the Spider-Man comic strip land, there are probably no cops in Manhattan.