Thursday, June 26, 2008


Spider-Man is whipped.

Also, we (and by we, I mean me and this blog) just hit 500 posts a little while ago. While this does include 40 metaposts, it also includes 35 posts which feature two or more strips. What this means is that the Amazing Spider-Blog has a comprehensive archive of over 500 strips, each with commentary, going back nearly two years.

Not nearly as impressive when you consider this is a daily strip, but still kind of impressive.

Spider-Man has appeared in 351 of those posts. He's done the split-mask thing 16 times, and has broken out of bondage twice.


Unknown said...

He may be whipped, but Mary Jane's got to get her way.

If she left him, who would prepare his triangles in the morning?

Calder Holbrook said...

Let me congratulate you on your milestone. The amazing spider-blog is an indispensable part of my day.

jvwalt said...

...but how many times has Spidey been konked by a brick?

I've come to the conclusion that the population of New York City (in this strip) is six. Peter, MJ, JJ, Robbie, Maria Lopez, and the Vulture. This would explain several things:

-- why there were no eyewitnesses or recordings of Spidey's epic battle with Vulture.

-- why Spidey can freely swing in and out of his apartment window in full costume, and be constantly discarding webs on the sidewalk below.

-- how Maria can keep her godawful show on the air, even though all she talks about is the absent Spider-Man: she has an audience of 3 (Peter, MJ, JJ), but that's good for a rating of 60.

-- And most of all, why this tiny group of people can be so incestuously self-involved and rarely, if ever, interact with any other human beings.

On second thought, NYC's population is probably more like ten, allowing for four miscellaneous cops/security guards whose job is to stand around while things happen.

Bryce Baker said...

He's really whipped, he wasn't asking about going on Maria's show - he wanted to get some fire-crotch action.

Congrats on 500 posts, that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've tried several times to say "no way" as "no way," as it is in the strip, and it's quite difficult, to tell the truth. On the other hands, actual Anglophone humans say "no way." I think maybe something's wrong with the language processors in the MJ-bot.

And there are definitely more people in New York. Besides assorted useless cops/security guards, there are wealthy rooftop partygoers and people who heckle the stars of off-Broadway plays. So that ups it to maybe 16 people, giving Maria only a 20 share. She might need to get a guest on her program sometime soon.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Congrats on 500 posts.

And I guess we know who wears the pants in the Parker-marriage.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

The population of the Marvel Universe circa 1964 (which is probably where ASM takes place) is 616.

This explains absolutely everything about the strip.

J Doe said...

I can't believe I've read over 500 of these things...

Tommy said...

Congrats, Mike!!

jvwalt said...

Looks to me like MJ's workin' it under the sheets. Does she get off on Spidey-whipping a superhero, or the image of Maria Lopez wanting her man?