Friday, June 06, 2008

Mary Jane: Perhaps an Idiot

Mary Jane is an idiot if she thinks Peter's going to take a few photos and come right home. If she wasn't there, he would already be out there swinging around town to find the Vulture. Now, with a free ticket out the of the house, there's no way Spider-Man isn't going to make an appearance. Oh, not to mention the fact that Jameson is paying for pictures of Spider-Man, and Mary Jane should realize this.

Then again, her allowing Peter to work might also encompass the whole Spider-Man thing, so maybe it's all all right after all.


Unknown said...

Is it just me, or does the Vulture seem a bit desperate in the last panel?

Sure, he's smiling now, but after he circles the city for a few hours and can't find Spidey I bet he won't be so perky. After all, a man can only hear so many bitter and jaded Noo Yawkers taunting his giant parrot suit before he snaps and decides to hold up a 7-11 for petty cash.

jvwalt said...

The other leetle tiny flaw in MJ's "just a few photos" plan is that Peter's assignment is to take photos of Spider-Man. (There's a fundamental flaw in the whole premise that he can take action shots of himself, but anyway...) So he's gonna have to put on his Spidey getup and swing around the city for a while, which inevitably means going into action. Which in turn means getting konked by a brick.

So no "perhaps" about it; MJ is an idiot. Either that, or she's secretly hoping that Peter buys the farm. She's suddenly very interested in money; does she have a big insurance policy on him?

Tommy said...


And yeah, what everyone said. I still find it amusing that Mary Jane negotiated more money out of Jameson. He gives Pete a hard time about it, but maybe he couldn't bring himself to do so with MJ.