Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spider-Fall Day One

We're going to get a week of Spider-Man falling through the air and saving himself at the last minute. Part of me thinks this might be pretty funny, as we watch him tumble. Another part of me just wants to get to the next storyline, as this whole Vulture thing has kind of worn out its welcome. Then again, the next storyline is going to feature some sort of mobster. On the plus side, mobsters and whatnot have the best henchmen. On the downside, they're freaking mobsters and most of them are boring as heck.

Please fight some good henchmen next storyline, Spider-Man. Please?


Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I like how they give away the ending in the last panel.

Spider-Man becoming street pizza would be badass.

jvwalt said...

Yeah, now that would have been a great "Next" panel: "Spider-Man, Street Pizza???"

It would be awfully simple and logical for the writer to make some passing reference to Peter's case of the flu here. ("Can't... think... so... tired...") He's certainly acting like someone who's been guzzling Ny-Quil for a week, rather than an intrepid superhero. But instead, we haven't heard a peep about his illness since he hopped out of bed.

Tommy said...

If you want to live out your fetish of Spidey street pizza, if you've got Spider-Man 2, find the tallest building and jump off.

Other similar cheap thrills include having the scroll that lets you jump really high in Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and giving that a go.

Anonymous said...

Stan Lee could be aiming for a repeat of the Gwen Stacy incident here - by the time spidey stops himself, the sudden deceleration will snap his neck, leaving him comatose for the rest of his life. This will result in him being slightly more active than normal for the strip.

J Doe said...

Has he forgotten he has superpowers? Why does he think he's wearing the suit?

Reggie White Jr. said...

I'm betting Spidey falls for 2 days, 3 tops.