Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mary Jane Moneygrubber

"That's my wife! Yes, her greed overrules any sort of concern for my well-being, to the point where she can somehow hear anyone mention money. Yes, that's my wife."

If Mary Jane is so keen on money, why did she marry Peter, whose income is minimal? Furthermore, why did she quit the play? These are questions no one will ever answer.


Tommy said...

That's pretty funny, despite all the good points you brought up.

Methinks Mary Jane is going to be the shutterbug here and get Pete to do something or other.

Then the Vulture is going to happen by and there we go.

This is what, my 5th prediction of something?

Anonymous said...

I predict that the bonus won't be big enough. Come Monday, we'll reset to "you've got the flu"; "but I want to fight the Vulture"; "we now begin day seven of waiting for Spider-man to appear on my new program." That should take us through the end of August at least.

Good times.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, why did she quit the play when her husband doesn't even have a real job to fall back on? The Parker household is becoming ripe with poor financial decisions.

Mike Podgor said...

If I recall, before this blog started, Peter Parker turned down a full-time job at the Daily Bugle to keep doing freelance work because of some stupid reason. In real life, they'd be the Amazing Spider-Hobo and his ex-wife by now.

Mike Podgor said...

Er... if people could get things like spider-powers in real life, of course. And there were super-villains and thugs running about for people with spider-powers to fight.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this has been explained before, but how does Peter get all the action shots of Spiderman? If he had an automated camera that could, unattended, take professional quality pictures of something as fast-moving as a fight, why the heck can't he sell the designs to Nikon and live on that, rather than grubbing a few bucks from JJJ here and there?

Mike Podgor said...

I think it's on some sort of motion-sensor, or he has a button on his belt, or something.

I also think that Peter's pictures sell because of a supply and demand sort of thing. He's the only one able to get remotely usable pictures of Spider-Man and his exploits, and therefore, Jameson pays highly for them. Lord help Peter if Jameson decides to stop hating Spider-Man.