Sunday, June 08, 2008

Insane Pilot Adventure

Either that man who is exclaiming that he's died and gone to heaven has mistaken the slightly demonic-looking green man for an angel, or he has a very specific fetish. In either case, that man is insane and in really no state to fly a helicopter, let alone anything more complicated than a wagon.


jvwalt said...

Things that really don't work...

-- Helicopters are way too noisy to carry on a "witty" exchange of "quips."

-- Is the Vulture holding on to the side of the chopper? Just hovering there? Huh?

-- Pilot stubble, ugh. That guy should be smuggling cocaine from South America, not transporting valuables in NYC.

-- What happened to Peter's camera? Left on a ledge? Stuck into a magical, two-dimensional Spidey-Pocket? Stuffed where the sun don't shine?

Tommy said...

My, Vulture, what shiny teeth you have there!

Unknown said...

Is it just me, or does it look like the Vulture's costume is made of corduroy?

I guess it'd be easy to wash, but it doesn't seem very menacing.