Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spider-Man Back in Action

Spider-Man seems to have forgotten all about the whole secret identity thing, as he's lugging around that camera in plain sight. At the very least, it'll promote some awkward questions by those who see it. Namely, "Why is Spider-Man carrying around a camera?"

We can only assume that Spider-Man is close to the helicopter in panels one and three.

Oh, and people know the Vulture is flying about. Wouldn't they realize that a flying thief could get into a helicopter more easily than an armored car?


Unknown said...



Who the hell wrote that?

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

The flying thief is going to get chopped up real good next strip.

jvwalt said...

Paul: I was gonna say. Aside from the fact that Vulture and the helicopter are both in the air, this is just a lousy idea through and through. It's hard to pick off a moving target, even when you can fly; and he's almost certain to catch his wings in the chopper blades. Even if he avoids that, he's more likely to cause a crash than make a clean getaway.

Now, if he was a smart little Vulture, he'd follow the chopper to its landing point and then snatch the loot. Perhaps he will do just that, but I have very little faith -- wait, I have NO faith -- that the plotting of this feature will make sense.

J Doe said...

That's a pretty bright night they've got there. Wait, why would an experienced photographer choose to take "pix" at night? Wouldn't that make it harder to increase the quality he needs for a bonus from his angry boss? Also, why is the Vulture going after a helicopter? I thought he was looking for Spider-Man. He must've just gotten bored, I guess.

Aaron T. said...

I'm with you guys. My first thought was what a dangerous stunt it would be for the Vulture to attack(?) a helicopter in mid-flight over a crowded city. Does he even know it's carrying jewels? And why do the delicate jewel-flying operation at night?