Saturday, June 14, 2008

Doomed One

The fact that it's a liquid nitrogen gun doesn't make this whole scenario any less stupid. Nor does the Vulture calling Spider-Man "Doomed One". The worst part is that, for the next week, we're going to watch Spider-Man fall and then save himself at the last minute while the Vulture gets away. If the Vulture doesn't get away, I'm going to be quite surprised.


jvwalt said...

Okay, well, if it's liquid nitrogen, that explains how Vulture came up with a web-destroying spray without a secret laboratory and hunchbacked assistant. However, it brings up two possible fallacies:

-- Who made the gun? Liquid nitrogen isn't easy stuff to handle. To come up with a gun that small and that well-insulated, you'd need -- well -- a secret laboratory.

-- If a substance as well-known as liquid nitrogen can destroy webbing, how come Spider-Man is so surprised that a villain would think to use it? Why hasn't this come up before -- say, every time he ties up a villain with his webbing?

Sorry, gettin' all logical again.

john said...

Curses! The one thing he didn't count on! Apparently he DID count on the vulture bringing an army of gerbils to attack him.

Unknown said...

Better yet, couldn't spiderman just shoot out more webbing to grab onto him? Why not grab onto his wings instead of his legs and make him fall Why not use the webbing to knock the gun out of his hands? Obviously there wasn't much more going on in his head than "?" so he should have been able to think of something.

J Doe said...

I think it'd be funny if Spidey plummeted to his death and the strip ended here.

Reggie White Jr. said...

OK we all know that destroying Spidey's web-line is the dumbest thing a villain can do. We all know this. Why? He's SPIDER-MAN! He swings on webs! Cut his web and he makes another one unless he's out of web-fluid.

And "Doomed one"? PA HA HA HA HA!!! What's next? "Die accursed web-spinner!"? We all love this torture because we keep coming back.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Vulture should have frozen Spider-Man's head. Villains should stop being cute and start getting real.