Monday, June 09, 2008

Smart Man

That man is quite bright. The Vulture, however, is dumb as a rock because he honestly thinks that he could get anywhere throwing his body against the helicopter. While I know he can hover or something, you'd still think that doing such a thing would hurt quite a bit.

Oh, and Spider-Man? It's obvious you're bored with this whole thing. Just go back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Now I may not be up on the latest developments, but shouldn't the Vulture be able to elude Spidey by flying really high above the rooftops? I mean, Spidey's limited by where he can swing on his webbing, which has to be attached to something, right? Physics still exists in some form, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This looks like it will be an exciting battle, but we all know it's just going to end quickly in a boring way, like with Spider-man getting hit in the head or something.

J Doe said...

dlauthor, unless I'm mistaken, the Vulture's been looking for Spider-Man and doesn't want to lose him.