Monday, May 14, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Day Ten

Yep, he just pulled the "proportionate strength of a spider" card. Also, while Spider-Man's comment is rather witty (if nonsensical) I doubt they have reading material about super-heroes in prisons. Imagine if you will a world where the prisons are stocked with editions of the "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" and "Who's Who in the DC Universe". Also imagine that this proverbial world is filled with those very same people who are featured in those books. Now imagine the riots that would break out due to the prisoners having to read books about those who put them away, and the increase in costumed crusader casualties because the prisoners found out their weaknesses and whatnot. It'd be crazy, is what it'd be. Also, I know this is not what they're talking about, but I couldn't resist posing the hypothetical.

TIL: Kordok's retort in the third panel. The man can't beat Spider-Man verbally or physically, it seems.

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jvwalt said...

Nice squeaky-clean prison that must have been. "Cereal boxes"? I'm trying to picture a few hundred inmates sitting down to a nice bowl of Cheerios in the prison cafeteria. And reading the cereal boxes, of course. More likely alternatives: "If you'd read something in prison besides cigarette cartons..." or "your cellmate's tattoos..."

I guess Spidey's super-power leaves him open to being incapacitated by a single punch, but allows him to recover more quickly than a super-villain expects. Sorta like when you step on a spider, it's crushed at first, but then it springs back into shape and crawls away. Yep.