Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spider-Man Versus Kurt Kordok: Day Eighteen (WHY IS IT NOT OVER YET?)

I know I really should be worried about Spider-Man right now. I mean, that's what the writer is aiming for here: giving us a cliffhanger where someone has been shot! However, the fact that Kordok's gun clicked and then supposedly went off is making it sort of hard for me to believe that he actually shot someone. I'm pretty sure guns don't do that. Perhaps Weasel is free of his webbing, sneaked into the stadium, and shot Kordok in the back. Unless, of course, guns do click before going off in which case I guess maybe Spider-Man's been shot? Heck, they wouldn't end the strip with another blockbuster movie still in theaters.

TIL: All the cops sitting around waiting in the third panel, and the one who shouts "Gunfire!" especially. He's keen.


jvwalt said...

In addition to all the other Super-Stupidity going on (this strip apparently possesses the proportionate stupidity of a spider), we are again treated to the spectacle of LA's Finest standing around outside the Coliseum, not assuming any sort of tactical position, having allowed TV loudmouths, their camera crews, and Dara Dorset herself wander into a deadly situation.

My only hope is that the bullet gave Jameson a new part in his hair.

tronlet said...

My hope is that Dara Dorset sacrifices herself, or at least gets shot, for Spidey. Not that I have anything against her, but I doubt that bullet is going to hit Spidey and it certainly isn't going to just miss.

Also, good work on keeping this updated! (I suck at keeping my newspage updated... maybe blogs have bad luck and are not meant to be used as frequent update pages or newspages... either way, you do great!)